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Come dance barefoot with me in my living room.

You’ve found a space to discover a new way of feeling like yourself…

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I’m a songwriter for the soul. 


A from-the-heart musician.


A calm space creator.


An activist for the everyday-anxious. 


I believe that music can be medicine. 


I believe that sound can heal your spirit.


I believe that there’s joy to be found in the glimmers of little moments.


Are you searching for connection, calm, inspiration and clarity?

It’s my life’s work to create beautiful music from my heart that makes people feel better.


Music that makes people feel calmer, more peaceful, nostalgic, lighter. Music that makes people feel seen.


I want to share the art of deep listening. Whether that’s listening to the crystal bowls, what your heart is whispering to you, or how your body is feeling during a yoga class.


As a trained and working musician for over 12 years, I combine a melodic, enchanting, gentle and ethereal take on healing therapy to create my own world of sound healing magic and alchemy. 

Every sound bath and meditation is a curated experience inspired by the harmony of nature using sacred and acoustic instruments such as the divine crystal bowls, earthy Tibetan bowls, flowing tongue drum, glittering Koshi chimes, softly sung mantras and the warm, hazy drones of the Shruti box. 


Come with me, relax, and let yourself be immersed in my healing sounds.

The science behind sound healing

We live in a world filled with constant stimuli and background noise - silence can be hard to find. During a sound bath, instead of inviting you to quieten your mind, I will cocoon you in a world of glittering melodies and healing vibrations. 


As you immerse yourself in these soothing sounds, the nervous system responds by slowing down, promoting a state of deep relaxation. This, in turn, helps to alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety.


A sound bath will help lower your brain waves through Alpha Waves to Theta Waves, so you will experience a blissful, dreamlike, receptive and deeply relaxed state. This happens by the instruments (the crystal bowls) entraining your busy Beta-thinking mind into a slower, more peaceful place through the application of specific feel-good frequencies. Entrainment is a process of synchronising two different beats to become harmonious.


The deep relaxation induced by sound baths can also positively impact your sleep quality. As stress and tension are reduced, the body is better prepared for restorative sleep. Many participants report experiencing more profound and restful sleep after regular sound bath sessions. I've had so many people message me afterwards saying they have had the best night's sleep in years!

Meet my crystal singing bowls

The beautiful, soothing and uplifting harmonies and melodies I create are made with my very special crystal singing bowls. The bowls I use are Crystal Tones® bowls and are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure) quartz crystal, the finest in gemstones and precious metals such as 24-karat gold, silver and platinum. The process they are created with makes them incredibly resonant, strong, and pure in tone.


The tones produced by these singing bowls are not just heard by the ear; you feel them in your body. Certain tones affect your energy for activation, creativity, healing, balancing, and meditation.


I am one of the very few sound bath practitioners in the UK who use these unique bowls.

Image by Henry & Co.

St. Germain Sky with Ocean Indium Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowl

Note: G

Chakra: Throat

This bowl reminds me of the joy of a blossom tree in full bloom. Magical, ancient, vast, yet delicate. 


This bowl has the deepest sound, yet you can also hear the flutter of some higher harmonies and frequencies resonating within its tones, too - like butterflies. 


You can really feel the vibrations of this bowl through the floorboards, which makes me feel very grounded, safe, and held. It reminds me of the roots of the blossom tree!

Image by Anthony Melone

Sedona Red Rock Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowl

Note: D

Chakra: Sacral 

To me, this bowl is the essence of Mother Earth - grounded, strong, stable. 


I feel held and surrounded by the sound of this bowl.


Orange is also my favourite colour - it makes me feel joyful, abundant and confident. 


Hearing this bowl feels like a warm hug, a kind embrace & an understanding friend.

Image by Kirsten Frank

Ocean Gold Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowl

Note: G

Chakra: Throat

Hearing this bowl makes me feel like a mermaid swimming in the deep and expansive ocean. 


Playful, flowing, feminine!

IMG_3333 3.JPG
Image by Townsend Walton

Tesseract Salt & Pink Aura Gold Alchemy Singing Bowl

Note: F

Chakra: Heart

This bowl sings as clearly as a bell and feels like breathing in honeysuckle on a midsummer's day.


It brings to mind walking along the salt path beach road in Druidstone.


This bowl brings clarity to my heart and mind and brings me right back into the present moment.


A little bit more about me...

I live in Hebden Bridge (Happy Valley, for those who know!) with my husband Ali and our black cat, Ozzy (named after Ozzy Osbourne).


I love the colour yellow - so much that we have a bright yellow front door, which is my absolute pride and joy!

I have synesthesia - this means that when I hear music, I see colours and shapes and can paint them.

I was in a band! It was called Indigo Rose. We performed all over the UK and released an album mixed at Abbey Road Studios (yes, of course, I love the Beatles!)

My favourite way to relax is in a hot bubble bath with a meditation playing in the background.

If I'm stressed or worried, I know I can just take a little space and listen to Hannah. Her meditations and sound baths always make me feel rested, peaceful and restored.

Lilian, Good Vibe Tribe Member

Ways to work with me...

GVT IG Stories-2.png

In-Person Yoga

Gently awaken your body with my yoga flows at studios in Calderdale and the Ribble Valley.

GVT IG Stories.png

Good Vibe Tribe

A monthly membership of on-demand meditations, sound baths and gentle yoga flows.

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In-Person Sound Baths

Experience the healing vibrations of an in-person sound bath meditation at gorgeous locations in Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Meditate with me!

Relax and unwind with my 15-minute crystal bowl

Deep Peace Meditation

The soothing sounds of the Alchemy crystal bowls and peaceful breathing techniques will generate mindful body awareness and replenish your soul.


You’ll be ready to meet whatever is ahead of you with all the warmth and understanding in your heart. 

Download your free meditation here...

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