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I offer a gentle & restorative take on Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga to leave you feeling calm, connected and deeply relaxed. Inspired by the interconnectedness, beauty & symbolism of nature, I deliver classes that flow and coincide with the Phases of the Moon and the Wheel of The Year - allowing you to connect with your own true nature within. Hatha means “Sun and Moon” so expect classes that offer you time to realign, reflect, balance, slow down and therefore give you time to uncover and allow your inner light to shine bright like the sun. 


After finding a deep sense of peace & stillness through 7 years of regular self practice, I decided to embark on my Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 with the intention to dive into the divine history and expand my knowledge on this ancient moving meditation.


I wish to share with you a crafted & conscious class that unites movement, breathe, mantras & mudras underpinned with healing sounds and soul soothing meditations. 


Flow With Me...

Monday Mornings 10am - 10.50am 

The Bridge Pilates Studio

Hebden Bride

Wednesday Evenings 5.25pm - 6.25pm

Tessa Clemson Yoga

Great Harwood

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