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Do you want to relax?

If your first answer to this question is “Yes, please!” you’re in the right place…

Do you sometimes feel this way?

You have moments when you feel wobbly - a bit “off” or anxious - that come from nowhere.


You love the idea of creating a self-care routine that’s just for you (without feeling like it's just another thing on your to-do list)?

Sleep doesn’t always come easily.

You’re spread too thin and never put yourself first or look after yourself properly.

You don’t know how to - or just can’t - relax.


Or perhaps…

You're on a healing journey, and you need a little something to ground you every now and again.

You want to feel more connected to your environment.

You’d like to take at least a little bit of time for yourself throughout your days.

You’d like to be more kind to yourself.

Your life just doesn’t feel as light and bright as you’d like it to.


What if you could bring more peace & calm to your everyday life?

To your soul?

It is possible - let me show you...


You're sitting in your meditation space. Warm sunlight is streaming through the window, or maybe you're watching the raindrops slowly roll down the glass. A vase of fresh flowers is next to you, and your favourite oil is in your diffuser. Wrapped in a blanket and with your headphones on, you take a deep breath in and slowly release it. Tension lifts. 


If only for that moment, all is well.


You feel content. You feel relaxed.



You’re on your lunch break from work. You’ve had a busy morning, and have an even busier afternoon ahead of you. Your mind’s racing with things you have to do and things you haven’t done, and you’re desperate for one moment of quiet. A chance to gather yourself, breathe and just be.


So you pop in your earbuds and press play on a meditation. Even the simple act of choosing to do something yourself has an immediate impact on your sense of wellbeing. 


In just minutes, you feel energised, back in control and ready to go.


An online sound bath meditation library & membership designed to deliver you pockets of peace every day.


The Good Vibe Tribe is a soft place to land. A warm hug. A hot mug of tea. It’s a safe place for your soul.

Relaxation on demand...

Immerse yourself in a virtual library of on-demand sound baths, guided meditations and gentle yoga flows. ​


Meditate anytime, anywhere! ​


Each month, new meditations are added - all based around a heart-opening theme to help deepen your connection to yourself, creating moments of peaceful positivity throughout your day.

Grab a cosy blanket, a mid-morning cuppa and your headphones ✨💛🥰 Tomorrow morning I’m go
Image by Gaelle Marcel

Choose your chill out style...

Our needs change with the seasons, our cycles, and the ups and downs of everyday life. That's why the Good Vibe Tribe offers different options to suit your mood.


Need company? Choose a guided meditation, and I’ll be right there with you, and we’ll feel better together.


Feel as if you need to move? Click on a gentle yoga flow.


Desire some peace? Pick a relaxing, gentle, uplifting sound bath - no crashing gongs, just soft, angelic and harmonious melodies.


There are short meditations for when you need a quick pick-me-up and long meditations for you to enjoy as you soak in the tub or fall asleep.


Your monthly Good Vibe Tribe membership will help you to improve bad days and enhance good days.


It’s always there, in your pocket, to transport you to a peaceful and welcoming place.

“By joining the Good Vibe Tribe, I’ve gifted myself a more regular way to access me-time more easily.”

Victoria, Good Vibe Tribe Member

The Good Vibe Tribe Memebership

Each month you will receive:

A brand new selection of heart-opening seasonally-themed sound baths and meditations.


Journaling prompts to accompany the meditations.

A live call with me and the other gorgeous Good Vibe Tribe members where we connect, meditate together, and I pull an Oracle card for us.

An affirmation for the month.

3-4 love letters from me to guide you through the month.


You’ll receive an “Introduction to Meditation” guide when you join the membership.

You have access to the entire Good Vibe Tribe archive of sound baths, meditations and gentle yoga flows. 

Untitled design-2.png

Get instant access to the Good Vibe Tribe library of meditations, sound baths, and gentle yoga flows to help deepen your connection to yourself and create moments of peaceful positivity throughout your day. 


Let my healing sounds be the soundtrack to your self-care!


£10 a month*


£97 a year (get 2 months free!)

*Cancel anytime.

Hey there, gorgeous soul!

I’m Hannah - welcome to my world of peaceful vibrations.


It’s my life’s work to create beautiful music from my heart that makes people feel better.


Music that makes people feel calmer, more peaceful, nostalgic, lighter. Music that makes people feel seen.


I want to share the art of deep listening. Whether that’s listening to the crystal bowls, what your heart is whispering to you, or how your body is feeling during a yoga class.


As a trained and working musician for over 12 years, I combine a melodic, enchanting, gentle and ethereal take on healing therapy to create my own world of sound healing magic and alchemy. 

Every sound bath and meditation is a curated experience inspired by the harmony of nature using sacred and acoustic instruments such as the divine crystal bowls, earthy Tibetan bowls, flowing tongue drum, glittering Koshi chimes, softly sung mantras and the warm, hazy drones of the Shruti box. 


Come with me, relax, and let yourself be immersed in my healing sounds.

“The Good Vibe Tribe has helped me to sleep and connect with my body.”

Good Vibe Tribe Member

It's okay.

It’s okay to feel anxious and wobbly. I feel it, too. We all do from time to time. 


You are safe. This feeling shall pass, and you will get through it stronger. 


Take my hand. Take a steady breath. 


When I listen to healing sounds - such as crystal bowls - or move my body with kindness, I start to let go of this anxious feeling. 


I start to soften at the edges and breathe a little easier. 


The grief, anxiety and worries start to melt away. 


I can find myself in the safety of my own heart. 


I know sometimes that's really hard to do - but trust me! I promise that a pocket of peace is still within you. 


Step into my world with me, and I'll help you feel just the same. It will feel like coming home. 


Kick off your shoes, close your eyes, and listen deeply.


Everything is okay.

"Being a member helps me to relax and remain calm. Having a full-on, busy and demanding day job it is so important to have the opportunity to step away and find some peace and quiet.
It’s great to have an array of choices. I can pick a meditation that feels right for my circumstances at that time. This helps me remain relaxed.
I also love the longer meditations and sound baths. They really help me relax and prepare for sleep. 
Having the flexibility to access the material at home, in your own time, is very valuable.”

Karen, Good Vibe Tribe Member

Is the Good Vibe Tribe right for you?

You have one wild and precious life - you owe it to yourself to make sure you feel the very best you can.

The Good Vibe Tribe is for you if:

You’d like to create a meditation routine that you can return to each day.

You desire to live with a sense of ease, grace, calmness and clarity.

You want to cultivate a grounded head space and be ready to weather any storm.

You’re looking for a tool to help you self-soothe in a healthy and positive way.

You’re new to meditation, but you’d like to give it a go with someone who can guide you.



What is a sound bath? How will it benefit me?

A sound bath is a meditative experience where your body, soul, and mind are “bathed” in sound created by crystal bowls. 


We live in a world filled with constant stimuli and background noise, and silence can be hard to find. During a sound bath, instead of inviting you to quieten your mind, I will cocoon you in a world of glittering melodies and healing vibrations. 


As you immerse yourself in these soothing sounds, the nervous system responds by slowing down, promoting a state of deep relaxation. This, in turn, helps to alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety.


A sound bath will help lower your brain waves through Alpha Waves to Theta Waves, so you will experience a blissful, dreamlike, receptive and deeply relaxed state. This happens by the instruments (the crystal bowls) entraining your busy Beta-thinking mind into a slower, more peaceful place through the application of specific feel-good frequencies. Entrainment is a process of synchronising two different beats to become harmonious.


The deep relaxation induced by sound baths can also positively impact your sleep quality. The body is better prepared for restorative sleep as stress and tension are reduced. Many participants report experiencing more profound and restful sleep after regular sound bath sessions. I've had so many people message me afterwards saying they have had the best night's sleep in years!

How do you create a sound bath?

The beautiful, soothing and uplifting harmonies and melodies I create are made with my very special crystal singing bowls. The bowls I use are Crystal Tones® bowls and are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure) quartz crystal, the finest in gemstones and precious metals such as 24-karat gold, silver and platinum. The process they are created with makes them incredibly resonant, strong, and pure in tone.


The tones produced by these singing bowls are not just heard by the ear; you feel them in your body. Certain tones affect your energy for activation, creativity, healing, balancing, and meditation.


I am one of the very few sound bath practitioners in the UK who use these unique bowls.


I also have a special personal connection to the bowls, which means that the music I make with them is filled with love and light.

I’m new to meditation - will this be too advanced for me?

Not at all! And let me begin by saying there's absolutely no right or wrong way to meditate! When you join the membership, you'll also receive an "Introduction to Meditation" guide so that you can get fully prepared. With each meditation, I'll ease you into it so that you get what you need from it at that time and then guide you through it.

I’m not a spiritual person - is this really for me?

Sound baths, meditation and yoga don’t have to be about spirituality or be a spiritual experience. When we meditate together, we’re not praying to a god or a deity. Rather, I’m deeply inspired by nature and the patterns of the seasons - and this is reflected within my offerings. Each meditation, sound bath and yoga class is cultivated to reflect the time of the year, as I believe seasonal living is the perfect way to connect back to yourself. 


However, if you choose to include the meditations, sound baths, and gentle yoga flows as part of your own spiritual practice, that’s wonderful!

I’m interested in meditation, but I really don’t think I have the time.

A Zen proverb says, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” This is all very well, except the person who said this wasn’t a modern-day woman with a to-do list as long as her arm and a load of laundry that needs to be taken out of the washing machine!


In the Good Vibe Tribe archive, you’ll find a selection of meditations of different lengths - mini-meditations for when all you have time for is a bite-sized moment of peace and longer meditations for when you have more time to yourself.


You'll also find meditations dedicated to specific activities, such as studying, walking, cleaning, taking a bath, or falling asleep.

What if I can’t attend the live monthly call - will I miss out?

Absolutely not! I record the entire call and include it in the Good Vibe Tribe library so you can catch up whenever you have the time (and continue to revisit it if the meditation resonates with you!).

Am I “locked in” to the membership once I sign up?

Not all - you can cancel at any time. Once you cancel, your membership and access to the Good Vibe Tribe will continue until the end of your monthly or yearly billing cycle, but then no more payments will be taken, and you will no longer have access.

Are you ready to bring more peace & calm to your everyday life? 

To your soul?

It is possible - let me show you…


£10 a month*


£97 a year (get 2 months free!)

*Cancel anytime.

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