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Take a moment, pause the world, and come back to yourself.

Relaxation, meditation & peaceful vibrations

Namaste, Sweet Soul

My name is Hannah Brabbs. Welcome to my world of seasonal living, pockets of peace, and giving your soul space to sing.


This is a world where both bubble baths and oracle cards are self-care. Where living in nature doesn't mean that you can’t rock around your living room like Stevie Nicks to your old vinyl records. Where not being okay, is okay.


We all have those days, weeks, moments where we feel a bit wobbly, a bit anxious. When it all feels too much.


Here at Good Vibrations Wellbeing, you’ll find tools and modalities to bring you back to you.


My crystal singing bowl sound baths, meditation, and gentle yoga flows will help you paint your world in the colours that make your heart burst with joy.


Won’t you join me?


Begin your journey...

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In-Person Yoga

Gently awaken your body with my yoga flows at studios in Calderdale and the Ribble Valley.

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Good Vibe Tribe

A monthly membership of on-demand meditations, sound baths and gentle yoga flows.

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In-Person Sound Baths

Experience the healing vibrations of an in-person sound bath meditation at gorgeous locations in Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Meditate with me!

Relax and unwind with my 15-minute crystal bowl

Deep Peace Meditation

The soothing sounds of the Alchemy crystal bowls and peaceful breathing techniques will generate mindful body awareness and replenish your soul.


You’ll be ready to meet whatever is ahead of you with all the warmth and understanding in your heart. 

Download your free meditation here...

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“It is so wonderful to be enveloped in the beautiful sounds Hannah creates - they soothe my heart, mind, body, and soul...”

Have you heard about the Good Vibe Tribe?

It’s an online sound bath meditation library & membership designed to deliver you pockets of peace every day.


The Good Vibe Tribe is a soft place to land. A warm hug. A hot mug of tea.


It’s a safe place for your soul.

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