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Finding pockets of peace each & every day ✨

Here are three things that never fail to soothe my soul...

Mother Nature 🌿

Whether it’s the whispering of leaves through the trees or the babble of the river in the woods, nature’s beauty reminds me to pause, breathe and find peace in the present moment 🙏🏼

Healing Sounds 🌀

Music has a way of speaking to the depths of our souls. From turning up the volume & singing along to Stevie Nicks or feeling cocooned in the soothing vibrations of a sound bath - the right frequencies have the power to uplift, comfort, and heal in more ways than we can begin to imagine 🎶

A Warm Bath 🛀

Sometimes, all it takes is a moment of relaxation to melt away the stresses of the day. Stepping into the warm salty water, a flickering candle and the scent of lavender, is a simple luxury that nurtures both my body and spirit.

Oh... and a sound bath in the bath?! What more do you need 🥰

In a world that often feels overwhelming & busy - these three treasures anchor me to the here & now and remind me that pockets of peace can be found each & every day 🥰

What soothes your soul?

With love & light,

Hannah xxx

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