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What is the Good Vibe Tribe? Does an online Sound Bath really work?

The Good Vibe Tribe is all about finding “pockets of peace” in everyday life 💗 5 minutes to breathe, a moment to connect, an opportunity for deeper listening, time to check in with yourself 🧘🏼‍♀️

I’m constantly working hard behind the scenes to make the Good Vibe Tribe an online meditation space which feels like a hub of wholesome wellbeing & the soundtrack to your self care 🥰

It’s my intention that it feels like a welcoming hug & a soft place to land. Warm & fuzzy. Life in saturation 🌈

I know that Meditation, Sound Healing, Sound Baths, Manifesting & Energy Healing WORKS online.

When we are all cosy in our own homes, we are relaxed, feeling grateful, there’s no stressful travelling, it can fit in with our schedule & we feel more open to try new things.

I offer the perfect online, sacred space in the form of the Good Vibe Tribe - a monthly meditation membership for busy souls seeking moments of calm.

For just £10 a month you can meditate anywhere, anytime with me and have instant access to my virtual library of on-demand sound baths, guided meditations & gentle yoga flows.

Each month I add new meditations - all based around a heart-opening theme to help deepen your connection to yourself, creating moments of peaceful positivity throughout your day.

You will also receive a Love Letter to your inbox sharing the inspiration behind the theme, journal prompts & how to use the meditations.

Let my healing sounds be the soundtrack to your self care!

Know that you can cancel anytime too.

This December the Good Vibe Tribe is embarking on a conscious & cosy journey together to cultivate the perfect bedtime routine.

Let’s wind down, slow down & hibernate.

This month's offerings around the theme of hibernation serves us a powerful metaphor for introspection, renewal, and the deep connection between nature & our wellbeing.

Just as creatures withdraw into their sanctuaries to conserve energy and endure the cold, we too, can embrace hibernation as a spiritual practice, retreating into the sacred spaces of our own hearts and minds.

This period of stillness and self-reflection allows us to shed the chaos of the Christmas season...

Hope to see you soon Sweet Soul!

With love & light,

Hannah xxx

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