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Finding The Good Vibes

Namaste Sweet Souls 👋🏼 my name is Hannah, the smiley face behind Good Vibrations Wellbeing! It’s an honour to have you here in my little corner of the internet 🙏🏼

Let me introduce myself & tell you what makes my heart sing 💗

I’m 28 & live nestled in the beautiful valley of Hebden Bridge with my husband Ali 🥰

Deeply inspired by nature, the turning of the seasons & Mother Earth - I am a Sound Healer, Songwriter, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Therapist.

I don't really know where to begin my story - so I will just see what flows from my fingertips into the keyboard!

The thing that has defined me the most throughout my life is my love of MUSIC & SOUND. My earliest memories are that of singing & dancing. When I left collage, there was only one thing I wanted to do - and that was to play my guitar just like Stevie Nicks.

My guitar has always been my magic wand - a creatrix & channel of effortless flow. Songwriting was my expression.

This love & passion for music and songwriting took me to many amazing festivals, venues & gigs... I lived on the road & even play the O2 in London. But the best thing about those days was meeting my husband Ali - he was the drummer in the band. (I'm sure there is a song in that somewhere!!)

Over the years, I realised that MUSIC & SOUND made people FEEL. Music can take you back to a child hood memory, it can crack open your heart & even make you feel nostalgic for sometime you haven't even lived through.

I'll never forget the moment that I realised that MUSIC & SOUND could HEAL too...

Wind back the clock to the 9th October 2019. I was a full time musician and my beautiful Nana was in very ill in hospital.

I cancelled my guitar pupils on that Wednesday afternoon, picked up my guitar, jumped into my Dad's car and we headed up to the hospital.

That afternoon me, mum, dad and my 83-year-old great uncle Colin sang to my beautiful Nana.

We sang all the songs from the Sound Of Music in three part blood harmony as I softly played my guitar. We sang her favourite songs and we sang our favourite songs.

Our voices swelled sweetly down the hospital corridors - tender, tearful & full of love.

Nana had lost all movement at this point - but I could see her soul smiling.

And as we sang we soothed her soul - and it was in this moment I realised that the human voice is the most healing thing in the universe ✨

Our voices didn’t bring my Nana back into full health - but they did surround her with the unconditional love to let her know it was ok for her to pass away...

Our voices held her, soothed her and brought her to a place of peace she had been searching for.

And this is also the moment I realised what healing is.

Healing is finding that place of peace deep in your heart.

We sang to her for hours... and it wasn’t until we had all left - she passed away peacefully in the small hours of the next morning 💛

I truly, truly believe we healed & held her that day with our humble human voices.

Two weeks later I started my sound healing diploma 💛

Since my Nana passed away, I also lost my beautiful Mum in 2021 to a Grade 4 Brain Tumour. (This is another story for another time!)

Grief & anxiety flooded my life. But, for this I am deeply grateful. It has taught me many beautiful things...

Grief is the hardest thing in the world to navigate.

It encompasses you when you already feel down & then hits you when you're up too.

But, even in the crippling chaos of grief - there are still cracks where peace can glimmer in. And that's where MUSIC & SOUND heal my heart.

Healing sounds, yoga & songwriting have been golden threads of comfort & light these past 4 years.

They have been a lifeline & a blessing.

This is where my story winds up to today...

I like to imagine, each time I write a song or hold a sound bath, I am painting with music ✨ filling the world around me with glittering frequencies ✨ transforming the moment into a feeling ✨ creating a soft place for you to land ✨

I believe the voice, your voice, is the most powerful of instruments. The way you speak with kindness, laugh with abundance, sing in the shower & even talk to yourself is an act of healing.

Over the past 4 years I’ve been enchanted by sound therapy - the alchemy of music & the way it can bring peace, tranquility and release 🙏🏼 I can’t wait for you to step inside this world with me 🌀

Yoga has also been a life saver to me. The permission to begin again every time you step on the mat amazes me 💛💛💛 Taking time to move & breathe like you love yourself.

Other things that make my heart sing are:



…and Joni Mitchell 🙊

So welcome, welcome, welcome 🦋

What makes your heart sing? 🎶 What's your story?

With warmest love & brightest hugs,

Hannah xxx

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1 Comment

Tracy Roe
Tracy Roe
Sep 06, 2023

Thank you for sharing this Hannah, it's interesting to find out more about what carried you on this journey.

Also... I love the branding! It's so dreamy :)

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