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Sound Bath Essentials | Getting The Most Out Of Your Experience

Imagine a candlelit room...

The gentle calming smell of essential oils invites you to take a step inside.

You instantly spot the gorgeous array of sound healing instruments nestled in the corner & your heart swells with happiness.

This is your place.

You were meant to be here & it's time to really relax!

Here is my little guide to getting the most out of your sound bath experience - whether it is your first time exploring this vibrational meditation or you're a sound bathing regular.

The nights are starting to draw in & the evenings are bringing a little chill in the air. Firstly, it is good to know that when we enter a deep state of meditation & relaxation - our body temperature drops too. If your planning on attending one of my sound baths over darker months, I really advise you bring along a few little bits to create the perfect conditions for a deeper mediation 🥰

Comfy clothes, including snuggly socks are essential 👌🏼 As well as a heavy blanket! I don’t know about you - but a little bit of weight in a blanket or a duvet just makes me feel that little bit more safe & grounded 🧘🏼‍♀️

Also a pillow for behind your head, or beneath your knees to give you added support 💛

If you really want to push the boat out - bring along an eye mask 😍 This is perfect for those who struggle to “switch off” 💤 Sometimes they can be filled with lavender which has a gentle aroma which sends you into a place of stillness & calmness.

I have seen people sneak hot water bottles in to sound baths too! Why not? 😍 I’m always, always cold and find it comforting to feel the warmth on my tummy or lower back.

It might feel like you are off out to a sleep over party - but it really is worth it!

I work at so many beautiful studios that provide lots of equipment - such as yoga mats & bolsters. But it there is nothing nicer than getting snuggled up under your favourite blanket.

If you want to add a little more magic to your sound bath - why not bring along your favourite crystal? The loving frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls will charge it up. The crystal can then be an anchor back to the feel good feelings you received during the mediation - for you to carry everywhere & anywhere you go.

Let me know what you would consider your Sound Bath essentials?

With warmest hugs,

Hannah xx

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