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Poetry For Yoga & Sound Baths

I've always been inspired by poetry. As a child, instead of being read bedtime stories, I loved listening to the joyful poetry of A.A. Milne, the author of Winnie the Pooh.

Poems, to me, are like magic spells & song lyrics.

They can whisk you away anywhere, even if just for a couple of golden minutes!

They can wrap around your mind, sooth your soul and allow you to remember your intentions.

They give a voice to the feelings & whispers of your heart.

Maybe these formative memories of poetry kindled a lifelong love of short, sweet sentences which hold such a deep sentiment.

I’m always on the lookout for beautiful poetry to read during my sound baths and yoga classes. Just like words spoken during a meditation script, they offer a soft place to land for the soul & a balm for the anxious mind.

To me, a sound bath or yoga class, just like a poem, feels like coming home.

When you move with intention or find stillness in meditation, these practices offer you the opportunity to meet yourself with an open heart & to listen deeply to how you are really feeling.

As adults, we get to reconnect to that place of childlike wonder, set aside any worries for 60 precious minutes and talk to ourselves with kindness.

There is nothing more beautiful than hearing a poem that captures the essence of the entire energy of the session in just a few distilled moments.

Please acknowledge these words as my work and please do reach out to me if you share them in your class. I would love to hear from you and feel the ripple effect of them in your community…

Home by Hannah Brabbs

It’s in the quiet moments

When we bask in the shimmering stillness of the divine

That we can truly remember

That place that feels like home.

The home of our hearts

That offers a slice of gratitude & a sip of sweetness.

A nostalgic reminiscence

Of what we are truly worth.

“Sit with me a while” she whispers

And just like that

We are right back where we belong.

It’s in the quiet moments

When we stop


Anchor in

Feel and


That we gather the pieces of ourselves

To find we are in fact


All rights to this poem are reserved by Hannah Brabbs of Good Vibrations Wellbeing.

I'd love to know how you get on, Sweet Soul!

Leave me a comment or drop me a message below.

Love & light,

Hannah xxx

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