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Sound Healing & Nature 🌿

There is so much to take from the gentle soundscape that hums around us each day. The joyful babble of the rivers, the powerful roar of the ocean, the whispers of the trees, the melody of birdsong, the rhythm of our feet on the earth. This is our frequency ✨ This is what we know to be true.

sound bath out in nature

I love trying to recreate all these elements each & every sound bath. It quite literally tunes us up - so we can feel balanced, harmonious, peaceful & even inspired 🌱

Each time I sit behind my crystal bowls & sing with them - it feels like an ode to Mother Nature. I soft thank you. A moment of gratitude. An expression of grace.

sound bath out in nature crystal singing bowl

Thank you so much to each of you who have come to meditate with me. You have nooooo idea the depths of my gratitude.

I got asked last night… so what do you get out of Sound Healing?

Connection & peace.

Understanding & trust.

A heart full of love.

Thank you so much again, to each of you who come to meditate with me, for lighting up my world 🌍

Hannah xxx

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